The history of steroids

Where did you first learn about steroid drugs?

In the network you can find a lot of information about the appearance of steroid drugs. Some sources claim that the drugs were originally created to correct the problems of testosterone deficiency, while the rest of the reports that the drugs were specifically designed to improve the physical performance of athletes. Check here.

Most resources report that the first information about steroids appeared in 1849, at the time when the need came to improve the human body to achieve specific results in sports. Moreover, some sources say that the first drugs appeared a little later, namely, in 1929. And yet, how did the first preparations of sports pharmacology actually appear?

And those and other sources are right. In 1849, the famous scientist Berthold took the first step in studying the effects of the male hormone testosterone on the body of an animal. Thanks to his discovery, attempts were made to search for testosterone in its pure form. After a number of failures, it was possible to create a drug with a fairly strong anabolic effect.

The first concept of doping appeared in the English dictionary in 1889. It was then that began to use drugs that allow to increase the endurance of race horses. Approximately at the same time the first attempts were made to create drugs affecting the athlete’s power indicators.

The first impetus to the emergence of drugs that improve stamina and strength was produced in ancient Greece. Even then, athletes invented a mass of methods in order to increase endurance and strength. Official statements on the creation of stimulant drugs were recorded in the early 19th century. In those days, many cyclists took a heroin-cocaine mixture to increase stamina. However, such experiments ended pitifully, when one of the competitors died right in the championship. The search for drugs to increase physical indicators resumed with a new force.

Already in 1889, scientists were able to trace the effects on the human body of testosterone, and offer it as one of the possible drugs of sports pharmacology. Soon, in 1935, the formula of testosterone by the French scientist Ernest Lacker was modified. At the same time, Adolf Butenant and Leopold Ruzicka, who patented the technology and won the Nobel Prize for scientific achievements, also worked on improving the properties of testosterone.

Since then, the production of the first testosterone-based drugs has been adjusted. However, there are faced with one significant problem. The drug was developed on an oily basis which did not dissolve in water, and, therefore, the drug did not have the desired effect with oral administration. Over time, the formula underwent a number of improvements and injectables began to be produced, which allowed for better results.

When did steroids find use in sports?

The first official steroid drugs appeared in 1950-1970. Even then, the first analogues of modern drugs were characterized by weak androgenic, and increased anabolic effect on the athlete’s body. Most of the drugs used for medical purposes, namely for the treatment of thermal skin lesions, diseases of the cardiovascular system, etc. After some time, the properties of drugs began to be used to accelerate the set of muscle mass and physical indicators of horses. And only then the drugs were specially developed for use by athletes.

The effect of taking steroids seriously interested Ziegler – the doctor of the American team. At the time of the championship in weightlifting, the doctor noted the high rates of athletes representing the Soviet Union. According to unconfirmed sources, Ziegler managed to meet with the doctor of the team representing the USSR and figure out the secret of high results, which in fact consisted in taking testosterone. This was the impetus for the birth of another steroid called Dianabol (methane), the effect of which was superior to the reception of pure testosterone. Ziegler began prescribing the drug to participants in the competition, and soon their performance was much higher than that of other athletes. So we have established the release of currently known steroids.

But, it is impossible not to note the fact that taking steroids to athletes participating in the Olympics and similar championships was already banned. If doping control showed high testosterone levels in the blood, then the athlete could be disqualified for the entire period of the competition. However, now the prohibitions do not interfere with the use of the drug in bodybuilding, and other sports. Every year there are new drugs, and the number of athletes taking steroid drugs is increasing every year.

When did steroids gain popularity in the sports world?

Craze began in the 60s. Already then Steroids began to be applied in doses much higher than therapeutic. But the main impetus in the development of sports pharmacology gave the appearance of one of the first steroids – methandrostenolone. It was he who produced and consumed in large quantities by athletes in many sports. It even came to the point that many athletes took a handful of methandrostenolone instead of traditional oatmeal. Prince Alexander de Meroda, a permanent participant in the Olympic competition, initiated the introduction of the first doping control. All participants in the competition, in whose blood steroid medication was detected, were automatically disqualified.